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Whole Brain Workshops: Team Performance Intensives

Achieve Optimal Outcomes

Better Thinking – Better Performance – Better Results

To achieve your business outcomes, you need your teams to work well together. To work well together your team members need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. How people think underpins how they do these things.

By understanding what kind of thinkers you have in your team and then encouraging your team members to value each other’s thinking preferences, you will improve communication and collaboration, leading to improved team performance.

Identify Diversity

Assess your team preferences.

Leverage Diversity

Play to peoples’ strengths.

Fill The Gaps

Plan for gaps in your teams’ expertise.


What is Whole Brain® Thinking?

Whole Brain® Thinking is a research-based framework for improving the effectiveness of everyday workplace communication, problem solving and decision-making.

The key to applying the framework is first understanding what kind of thinker you are. This understanding is achieved by completing an online psychometric assessment called the HBDI® which measures the strength of your thinking preferences in each of the 4 thinking quadrants.

Having this understanding helps team leaders tailor their communication in a way that is most likely to engage the full cooperation and leverage the skill set of their team members.


More Productivity

A catalyst for team alignment, collaboration and productivity.

Less Stress

Reduce frustration and stress.

“Because every business runs on thinking, the ones that can optimize that thinking will have a distinct competitive advantage.”

The Whole Brain Business Book

Team Performance Intensives

Start Thinking

Identify and respect the diversity of thinking preferences within your team.

Skills Development

You will learn:

  • A framework for understanding your own unique thinking preferences
  • How to increase your thinking agility
  • What happens to your thinking preferences under pressure
  • How to apply your new knowledge to an existing circumstance.

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Think About Teams

Increase team performance by leveraging the different thinking preferences of your team members.

Skills Development

You will learn:

  • How to overcome barriers caused by different thinking styles in order to improve cross-team communications
  • How to bridge communication gaps quickly.

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Think About Problem Solving

Approach problem solving from a Whole Brain® perspective.

Skills Development

You will learn:

  • How to overcome thinking style barriers that hinder problem-solving
  • A framework for developing optimal problem solving skills.

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“Understanding and accepting the consequences of your thinking preferences is the first step to becoming a better leader.” 

The Whole Brain® Business Book

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