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About Jani Murphy

Start getting more done.

After working with Managers and Team Leaders for over 20 years I know that you want to feel confident that your team can perform well and complete their projects on time.

To achieve this, your team needs to to manage workplace demands efficiently. Without the right skillset to do so, people will struggle and stress levels will rise. Team morale will drop and this may reflect poorly on you.

I believe it should be easier to get your team performing at their highest level so you don’t have to put in longer hours to make up.

I understand the importance of having the right work practices in place to manage workplace demands in a stress-free way and this is why I have spent the last 20 years teaching organisations precisely how to use MS Teams, Outlook and OneNote the right way to gain time and improve efficiency.

About Jani Murphy - Transform Your Working Life

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Jani Murphy - Transform Your Working Life

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Jani Murphy - Transform Your Working Life

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Jani Murphy - Transform Your Working Life

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Productivity gains are immediate. You will feel confident and have less stress as your team becomes more efficient and productive.
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