Keynote Speaker - Jani Murphy

Jani Murphy Keynote Speaking

Jani Murphy is a highly skilled communicator.

She can take complex or overwhelming information and communicate it in a way people understand. With new tools and fresh insight, they can positively change work habits and improve strategic work relationships.

Jani is a workplace productivity specialist with twenty years experience improving organisation workflow and providing skills leaders need to achieve optimal outcomes for their business.

Jani has an enthusiastic and engaging style which will make your productivity workshop, leadership intensive or speaking engagement an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

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"Jani engages her audience with the quality and timeliness of her material. She delivers cutting-edge practical presentations. Jani is highly professional and there's no doubt she knows what she is talking about."

David Julian Price
Specialist in Governance, Meetings and Presentations

"As a keynote speaker, Jani is very good at getting insightful messages across. She is professional, knowledgeable, clear and concise. She engages audiences with her fresh, conversational style that entertains and enlightens. Jani gets people excited."

Shirley Anne Fortina
The POD Consultancy Pty Ltd

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